We believe that we have arrived in a time where commerce, art and culture are more and more interwoven. Due to the omnipresence of the Internet, social media and new technologies, commercial brands are able to create new and disruptive strategies through which they connect with their target group in a much more personal and creative way.

To us, this new way of building brands is very much connected to arts and culture, and we strongly believe that working in both the commercial and art sector enables us to deliver on both a strategic level and a design/content level—bringing together the best of both worlds. To ensure that our crossover between art and commerce remains powerful and consistent, we dedicate at least a third of our agency time and work to projects with an arts & culture background.

In and Out of Fashion

In and out of fashion (In en uit de mode), a by ArtEZ Press and Terra Lannoo, an illustrative overview of 2000 years of fashion design. Glamcult Studio was commissioned to provide art direction and book design.